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About Green Thumb Lawn Care of Syracuse

Next time you’re out and about in Central New York, Oswego, Auburn, or Canastota look for the nicest lawns in the neighborhood. Chances are Green Thumb Lawn Care had something to do with it. We have been creating and nurturing lawns in Onondaga, Oswego, Cayuga, and Madison counties for close to 25 years and our licensed team members have over 33 years of combined experience.

Why You Should Want A Licensed Technician Working On Your Lawn

Did you know that you do not have to be licensed to work on lawns in New York State? Kind of nerve-wracking, right? Here at Green Thumb Lawn Care of Central New York, all of our techs are licensed and go through rigorous training.

Why are our techs licensed? We believe that if we invest in the time and training it takes to become licensed, our customers will be more satisfied with the outcome. Even our newest tech has five years of experience and has worked on 15,000 lawns.

After becoming licensed our employees not only know the products and the lawns in the area, they know which products specifically and how much to use on each individual lawn. The training allows them to use better, more efficient products and applicators. And best of all, by being licensed, you, the homeowner, are protected along with your lawn in case anything adverse happens. Unlicensed companies can’t guarantee that same protection.

To learn more about why you should go with our licensed team give us a call! We can even set up a time for a free estimate on your lawn!

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