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Mowing Tips

The grasses in our region are referred to as “cool season grasses,” meaning they typically do not thrive in warmer weather. Because of this, proper mowing is essential.

First, understand that when cutting the grass, you should only be cutting about a third of the grass plant. Therefore, if the grass is approaching 5 inches long, it’s time to mow. During cooler, rainy weather it may sometimes be necessary to mow more than once per week.

If you are not watering regularly when temperatures exceed 85 degrees, your lawn will be stressed and or dormant. You should minimize mowing. If you choose to mow during these conditions, always water each section for 30 minutes after to reduce mowing stress.

Next, make sure that your mower blades are sharpened each year. This alone will reduce the stress put on turf throughout the season. Then, make sure the blade is elevated to 3 – 4 inches, or near the highest setting. You should keep the blade at this setting until your last few mowings in the fall, at which point you should gradually lower it to 1 1/2 – 2 inches.

Finally, a word about mulching. Mulching requires a special mower and/or blade that will pulverise the grass clippings and recycle them back into the soil. These clippings contain valuable nutrients, so mulching is generally a great way to get the most out of each fertilization. However, if the grass is growing quickly and the clippings are forming clumps, it’s best to bag them. If you have any further questions on mowing, please contact us. We’re here to work with you to get the best results!

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